Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zero the Hero

Today was our tenth day of school...Hooray!  I have wanted to do Zero the Hero since I discovered him about day 43 last year. 

Zero the Hero is such a fun guy!  My whole Kindergarten team talked it over and decided we would all do him.  I looked at all the wonderful resources out there and just couldn't decide what to do, because I knew I couldn't do it all (there are too many great ideas and products).  I came to school with a general idea...but I was open to change.  I asked a fellow teacher what she was doing and she said, "What!!'s the tenth day??"  Apparently we all forgot because  no one was really prepared.  We resolved to make day 20 extra good and did just a couple of things. 

Did not realize that taking stickers off a sheet of ten would be good fine motor practice.

  I was able to throw together a couple of really fun activities to go with our learning about 10 page.  We watched Zero the Hero from Schoolhouse Rock, learned about the number 10 using Kathleen Pedersen's (from Growing Kinders) Zero the Hero packet, and then we made this cute Zero the Hero I found on Pinterest.  Aren't they adorable!  I am saving everything and we will make a book for the hundredth day...and even beyond.

Still drawing spider people.
My favorite....I tried to encourage her to add the arms and legs in what I considered the proper places, but she still needed the arms coming out of the head
Oops...I missed that ten.  But doesn't he look happy?

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