Monday, January 6, 2014 passes sslowly

...or not at all for our littles.  Time seems so easy for us "old people".  It is concrete, set in stone, we get it because we have lived it.  Sometimes it is easy to forget our little kinders haven't lived as long as we have and they don't get it.  For them time gets all mixed up.  They can repeat some of the right words, day, week, year, January, Monday....but they still don't understand it (that's why they mix it up so much).  I blogged about that over at PreK and K sharing.  Click here to read my post.
Then I saw this hat on Cupcake for the Teacher's blog.  So to help my kinders understand a little more, we made these hats today.  We started with the months of the year (today was the first day we sang them all).  We looked at the letters, and stretched the sounds, then found the months we needed.   We glued them to a sentence strip as we went along.  If you need the months you can find them here.  Be sure to glue them end to end, so you don't run out of room.

Next we cut out our triangle, glued a star to the top, and came back for the die cut numbers.  I told my students to glue the 2 and the 4 on first, then the 0 and 1.  I told them that the 2 and the 4 had to hang off the hat or it wouldn't all fit.  When those were glued, then you could add the last two numbers.
Finally I stapled the word strip into a circle and stapled the hat onto the strip.  Voila!  A Happy New Year hat.  Aren't they just too cute?  You would think I was having a party in my room.

Thank goodness for teachers who are willing to share.  When I saw Teri's hat I knew I had to make it. Go check out her Happy New Year hat.  Check out her blog too....she always has the cutest ideas.

Tomorrow we start our personal timeline project.  I will blog about that as the project progresses.  For now the first day back has worn me out.  It is time for bed.


  1. I like the addition of the months. Twelve Hats for Lena would go perfectly with this.

    1. Your right....that is a perfect book! Thanks for the suggestion. I am going to look for it at my library today and if it is not there I will head over to Amazon.