Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gearing Up for Reading Week....a Bright Idea

Reading Week is coming soon.  Do you celebrate at your school?  We have gone all out some years, and others have been more low key.  I always want to do something extra special in my room, something that will transform our learning environment.  Here is my Bright Idea for making Reading Week special.

First I set the stage by making a truffula tree forest.  The supplies are simple and inexpensive: foam insulation tubes (from a home improvement store), yellow duct tape, colored tissue paper (gift wrap section), floral wire or twist ties.  Make flowers by accordion folding (like a fan) the tissue paper, tie in the middle and separate layers.  I use about six sheets of paper for one flower.   I used two flowers for one 3D tree.  I did need to put a yard stick in my short free-standing trees to keep them from falling over and I did use the yellow duct tape to tape some to the wall.

I collect books....lots of books.  I never leave a Dr. Seuss book on a thrift store shelf or yard sale.  That is how I collected so many.  I like having multiple copies, so students can read with a partner and each will have a book.  Eleven browsing tubs of Dr. Seuss books, and a couple of special books for the Teacher's Lounge.

On the last day of our Reading Week, we dressed up as our favorite characters.  I was The Cat in the Hat and my students were Things 1 through 23.  The blue wigs were butcher paper, folded in half, cut from the open end, stopping two and a half inches from the fold, and stapled into a circle.  Don't worry about large overlaps, it will make the wig look fuller. 

This yummy snack will turn your fingers red, but it is kid friendly and fun to make.  All you need are marshmallows, oreo-type cookies, red sugar, and water.  Separate the cookie (try to keep all the frosting on the side you will use), eat the half without the frosting.  Then dip a marshmallow in water (quickly and just a third) and dip the wet end in the sugar.  Turn the marshmallow over and repeat, leaving the middle white.  Put the colored marshmallow on the cookie, press to make it stick.  Yum!

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