Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's a Snowy Five For Friday (0n Monday)

It's funny how when you get out of the habit of doing something, how difficult and scary it can be to start again.  That's me.  I can't believe how nervous (and excited) I am to be blogging again.

I love linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and Five For Friday...so this is a great place to start (even if it is Monday)!

Is it snowing where you are?  After two no snow winters we have snow that doesn't seem to want to stop.  We have been taking advantage of it and having some great fun and learning too.

On Tuesday we had cold frost coming out of the air forming perfect crystals.   We went out right away with little magnifying glasses and black paper to see if we could catch some....and WE DID!!

My best advice is to take advantage quickly.  If you wait, the flakes may be gone, or as the day warms up, turn into rain.  The colder the better (they don't melt as fast on the paper or your clothes) and you don't have to be out for a long time.  Be sure to write, draw, and talk about what you discovered.

If you have lots and lots of fresh snow try this recipe for snow cream:

You can keep the ingredients on hand if you use canned milk (for that surprise snowstorm)

Of course it is not a good snowstorm if you can't make a snowman.  But it was, so we did!

After making snowmen I got sooo much good writing!!!  My students were motivated!

We also reenacted The Snowy Day (good chance to talk about why we don't through snowballs).  No pictures, but lots of giggles when I knocked snow onto my own head.

No snow where you live??  I have a solution for that too.  Try this recipe for snow.  My kids went crazy over it.

You could also have a little snowball fight during math.  Try this game for practicing missing addends. 
You can pick up a copy of my recording sheets, instructions, and a Math Talk workmat in my TpT store for FREE!  Just click right here or on the picture.

Don't be afraid to bundle up and take your students outside in the snow....or if that is not possible, bring some snow into your students and have some FuN (and learning too).