Sunday, August 2, 2015

Let's Talk Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards can be the bane of our existence or the best part of teaching.

I like making bulletin boards easy....cute...impressive to parents...useful to students.  Let's look at those four things.

I like to pick a paper or fabric that will get me through the whole year.  Blue and black are good choices, but when I go back I may try brown wrapping paper....Look for that in my reveal.  Get at least one extra set of hands to help hold the paper while you get it in place to be stapled.  Use push pins to hold the fabric in place while you are getting it straight.  Staple, when everything looks good.  Minimal words at the beginning of the year.  I like students to build up content for the boards.

You want your bulletin boards to tell people something about you like modern clean lines, or comfy cozy spaces?  Are you all business or a little more right-brained?  Keep your colors so they don't clash with each other.  Keep them all within the same color pallet, or have them complementing each other.  You could do one main color and then others that make things "pop".  Your color and pattern choices can tell your students a lot about you.  Things don't have to be perfect, but you do want to make a good first impression.  A minimal room can tell your students....we are going to work together in here.  This is your room too!

I hate to say it...but your bulletin boards are what people see first.  You want to make a good impression. Check out these from Katie King at Queen of the First Grade Jungle (now exploring 2nd grade)

The one below was a special door contest.  Notice how big the whale is compared to the ladybugs the students made.  3D can be awesome if your fire marshals will allow (we get away with more during certain celebrations, like this book fair).

If you have a word wall use it!!  Everyday...keep it growing.  If you have anchor charts, build them, use them, build another (storing or giving the old one to the students to keep for reference).

 You can use your walls and doors as bulletin boards too.  I like to attach things with hot glue or that super sticky foamy adhesive tape.  That stuff is strong (things won't fall down), but it leaves a mess.  Hot glue has become my adhesive of choice.