Thursday, October 4, 2012


I am excited to be hooking up with Farley for October's Currently.

I have to admit that I had so much fun crafting last weekend with my daughter-in-law.  We each made a countdown calendar for Halloween.  I saw these on Cupcake for the Teacher and fell in love with them!!!  I decided that my little kinders needed one and maybe my grandkids too.  Here is the finished product....I didn't get a picture of the one my daughter-in-law made.  I think it might have been even cuter (her stickers were more like Teri's)
I am giving my mystery helper the magnet of the day.  I will use weekend magnets to make sure every one gets one.

I am thinking the blew in my currently was a Freudian slip.  The skies have been a beautiful blue all day, but the wind has been blowing like crazy.  They say a front is coming through and bringing cold, cold weather with it.  My tomatoes will probably freeze if I don't get them covered.  But even cold weather can be fun when there are leaves to collect.

My sister has become an empty-nester this year.  I think I should go and visit, she might need cheering up.   Plus she lives in a big shopping! 

There are so many books I love, both for the season and for Halloween.  Not so many for Columbus Day (can anyone tell me why we don't get the day off in "the west"?  But that is a whole other topic).  I wasn't sure how to pick so I picked my number one favorite for fall.  (Halloween has another list of favorite books).   Nature's Paintbox is a poem about the seasons. It illustrates each season with wonderful words and using a different art medium.  Winter is pen and ink, spring is pastel chalk, summer...watercolors, and autumn is oils.  The poetry is beautiful and the pictures are fun.  I love this book!

Autumn, my favorite season!!  Only I wish we had a day off to enjoy it.  No Columbus Day in Nevada....but we do get Nevada Day (last Friday of the month for statehood...real statehood is October 31.  I liked it much better when we had Halloween off.  It fooled all my family back in PA!).

Here's hoping you have the holiday off and you get to enjoy best season of the year!



  1. Found you through Farley's linky party. What a cute blog! I live in PA and they say we're going to get a cold front here soon too! I don't garden or have tomatoes, but I think I'll finally be rearranging my closet this weekend. And, my students have off for Columbus, but we teachers have in-service. Seriously???

  2. I hope you get to go somewhere this weekend! Just stopping by from Farley's Currently linky party. I'm ready for my fall break to begin!!!

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

    The Teacher's Chatterbox

  3. Hey! I just came across your blog thanks to the Currently linky and I'm your newest follower! I love the countdown calendar idea! I have some super duper Halloween lovers in my class who would go crazy over this!

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

  4. I'm always looking for new books of poems to use with the kids-that one looks great! I miss fall so much! Moved from the northeast about 10 years ago, but still get withdrawal symptoms this time of year. :)