Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy me!

Yesterday was my birthday and I wanted to have a party.  What better way to celebrate than with 26 excitable Kindergarteners?

First I needed a cake....and a cake needs candles.
So....if a cake can only have 10 candles how many cakes will we need?  GREAT discussions and thinking going on (and yes I bit the bullet and confessed my true age).  Then they went to work drawing me some cake.

I just love the first two cakes....then I guess I am just too old.  She ran out of steam making the last ones.  Candle burning hats? hair?  I just love it!  She counted to 56 for me...and she just ignored the extra flowers and unfinished I did too.

This student wanted me to know each of the cakes he made for me.  Do you see the ghost cake?  He was the most proud of that one.  But there was also the heart cake and the chocolate chip one too.
They all wanted to know if I was going to blow out the candles.  Of course I will....candles have to be lit, don'tcha know?

After cake we need a party and some party games.  What better game than musical chairs? 

More good discussion of more, less and the same.  We are starting to be more and more comfortable using the word equal!!  I LOVE math!

Surprise!!  Do we have more students or more chairs?  I snuck that one in on them and they were surprised.  It was so funny!!

 I have just two questions...
Do you celebrate your birthday in class?
What fun things do you do when you are teaching math?


    My birthday is during Christmas holidays so we do not celebratemine! :( For math I love Debbie Dillard's Math Stations. Simple to create, even more simple to manage since they work with just one other partner...keeps them focused and on task!
    Valerie D

    1. I LOVE Debbie Dillard's Math Stations. I use them in my classroom too. In fact I was taking a class/book study last year when I got the idea for the birthday cakes.

  2. Happy Birthday, what a fun way to celebrate!

  3. What an educational way to celebrate your birthday. Happy Belated!


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