Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Peek into my room

Remember my before pictures?

Well I am finally ready to show off my after pictures.  It is still a work in progress, partly by choice (I like to leave room to put up things as we make them) and partly because I just couldn't get it all done.  This however is a big deal...for a hoarder like me to show you an all over view like this.  I will confess to being pretty proud of the progress I have made.
This is the view from my library.
This is the view from my front door.
This is what I see when I sit at my desk...
and when I stand by my sink.

I love my library.  Students return to see if I still have my couch.  The books are organized by author and by genre.  I do need labels (it is on my to do list).  The ones I want to use are not kinder friendly....so it is off to find or make labels small enough with pictures.
You can see my signed prints (one from Steven Kellogg and one from Vera Williams).  The one from Lindsay Barrett George broke, so it is waiting a new frame.

My Couch

You can see my Dr. Seuss shelf (with Fox in Socks), Poetry and songs are underneath.  On the right books are sorted by author.  I trade them out as needed....I have too  many authors I want to highlight.  My mom's books are one the shelf above my white IKEA book boxes that are just waiting nametags for Reading Workshop.
One of my mom's books (Patricia Thomas)

Here is my word wall...the songs are from Hadar Maor.  I keep them right on the wall, so I won't forget to sing them.
This is my small group table.  The shelves behind are the next to get cleaned out (before I start up my groups).  Red boxes have my chapter books (I did pack away all except the ones I hope some of my Kinders will be able to read), Yellow boxes are non-fiction.  Non-fiction probably needs the most work.  My library inspiration came from Mrs. Newingham.  You can find her website here:
Under my table is a browsing box (from an old Saxon Math tote), it moves so easily whenever we are ready to browse for books.  The bucket seats are from Home Depot and Cabela's (Two years ago all we had to sit on were the buckets...Home Depot donated them when our chairs didn't make it in time)
We say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning during calendar time and I keep the flag here in my milk can.  It is a favorite job of our special, mystery helper of the day.

Lots of organizing still to go....but now that the big push for the first day...my room must be perfect...push is over I can focus on continuing what I started.  Files, Labels, making it all work, kids, lesson plans....does it ever end?  Next is to get my Peek at my Week ready for someone (besides me) to look at.


  1. It is adorable! I didn't realize how big the rooms were at your school. I'm in a trailer this year, so I had to get pretty creative with the arrangement.

  2. Rooms really aren't that big (we always want more space, right?), but they are bigger than the trailers.