Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Currently and more Pete

I love the beginning of each month because it is time to hook up Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for December's Currently.  It is so fun to see what everybody's doing.

My hubby gets up way it is always an early night at our house.  I am beginning to think that he might need help for the snoring.  I think it is getting worse.

I love Christmas time, I love decorating, I love doing craftivities in my classroom.  I try to do something Christmasy at home every day put candles in my window, one do some baking, one day go look at lights, one get the idea.  I make a bucket list of everything I want to do and see how many I can cross off.  Some are for me, some are giving to others, some are Santa, some are Christ-centered.

This past weekend My daughter and family came to town.  Add to that the kids that are already here and I had 7 of my 10 grandkids here (and the other 3 were just here over Thanksgiving).  We went up to our favorite spot to find the perfect Christmas tree.   Always sooo much fun! 

Now I'm thinking...wait it's Wednesday and I was just waiting for these cute pictures of tree hunting.  I better get this posted!!

I was going to call the carpet guy to come before Thanksgiving...but somehow that never happened.  It looks like the next time my carpet gets cleaned will be spring cleaning time.  Hopefully with my Christmas tree no one notices. 

I am planning on doing Miss Kindergarten's Santa (you can get it here) and using that for one of my hallway bulletin boards this month.  I was going to do it yesterday, but realized that I didn't have the pieces prepped.  So it was on to plan B...actually part A (the writing part).  We took long enough doing the writing that we really didn't have time for the craftivity part anyway.  So I am off to school early to cut, cut, cut and run some parts off (our copy machine that does construction paper is very sensitive...wish me luck).

But first...I am stopping at Starbucks for coffee.  I know nothing about coffee.  Maybe I will get hot chocolate instead.  My coworkers love coffee and occasionally indulge in fancy coffee, so I think my random act of kindness will involve coffee.

Did you make it with me this far?  I had so much fun remaking my Don't Eat Pete game for Christmas I made some more with different graphics.  If you want the elf version click on the picture below.


  1. Hey there! I found you through Farley's linky party! Glad I did, love your blog, I'm your newest follower! Thanks for the freebie!

    Come visit for a graphing freebie!
    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

  2. Very cute idea. Fun for a break in class

  3. Just found you through Farley's Currently! Such a sweet idea to bring your coworkers coffee!!! I think we could all some at this time of year, so I am sure they will appreciate it!
    Second Grade Smartypants

  4. I need my carpets cleaned too, but I fear that it's too late...and, family is coming this holiday-eek! It's fun to read what a fellow Nevadan is up to!

    Primarily Speaking

  5. Hi! Found you through Farley's Currently:) I bet your coworkers will love your RAK (I know I would!). Christmas tree hunting looks like so much fun. I need to put having a real tree on my list for next year:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

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