Saturday, March 9, 2013

Five for Friday....Reading Week Style

I wanted to link up with DoodleBugs'  Five for Friday

1.  I thought all week, as our snow was melting that I would post my melting/melted snow piles as part of my Five for Friday randomness.  But alas...this is what I woke up to today.  Actually this is our outdoor classroom area at school.
2.  I had a truffula forest grow in my classroom this week.  The trees had a little trouble standing up on their own....but yardsticks inside the foam pipe covers and extra duck tape had us good to go all week.
3.  Some silly blue-haired things (numbered 1-24)showed up in my classroom too.  They were wearing these great blue wigs and had a parade through several classrooms.  What fun I had telling these silly blue-haired things to put themselves in order, and then listen to their conversations as they tried to get in place for our parade.  "Where is 9?  We need 9 right here."  I have to be over here....I am 19 and 19 comes after 18"

I tried my best to be their fearless leader...the Cat in the Hat.  I wore black pants and a black sweater.  I safety pinned a white oval to my sweater and added a red bow.  The hat I have had for a long time....maybe 30 years long.  But you can find many imitations and even some "real" ones, if you look.
On our way out of one room and into another.
4.  The Kiwanis helped put on a green eggs and ham breakfast this morning.  Do you like green eggs and ham, apparently most of my students do!  (even though they didn't eat very much).   " I like them Mrs. Izatt....I just wasn't hungry." 

And we had to add another page to our growing Dr. Seuss books.  I loved this one....

5.  To end my randomness...How much do you know about Dr. Seuss?  He wrote more than just children's books.  I shared these two books from my collection in the teacher's lounge.  Not so sure how my parents (or school board) would react if I tried to read the one on the right....haha.  It is a however a fun little read.  The cartoon book is fascinating considering the time period and how many of the characters he drew ended up in other books.


  1. I love your truffula forest! I did not know that Dr. Seuss wrote more than children's books. I might have to check some of those out. Thanks for sharing!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. If you have a chance watch the movie, In Search of Dr. Seuss. It is like a biography through his books.

  3. What a cute blog. I read in your "About Me" that you are a grandma! You look like you are 30! I have been teaching for 30 years and I definitely look like a g-ma. As a matter of fact, they call me grandma all the time. I love the Thing hats and will do them next year for sure! Did you know that Dr. Suess attended Dartmouth College? They have an archive of some of his things. Thank you for the cute ideas.

  4. Your outfit is super cute!!