Friday, March 1, 2013

The leprechauns are coming!

Do you ever get so excited about what is happening in your class that you just have to tell someone?   I do!  And today was one of those days.  I was grabbing people out of the hall....come check out my class....come see what my kids are doing.  Look at them work....aren't they doing great!

Our schedule today got a bit switched around because many of our staff went to a funereal for the dad of a fellow staff member, and others covered our classes or took a class into theirs (that's what happened to mine).  My fellow team member said that my kids were awesome!  So I was praising them like crazy after lunch, thinking of course I bet this doesn't last (doubting Thomas that I am).

Our afternoon started out with our math stations (I really wanted to get them in so that we could focus on Dr. Seuss activities next week).  They did a great job staying on task and working together.  I looked in the one to tell.

Then we worked on our calendars.  I have my kiddos do a calendar  about the first of each month.  Today being the first, of course we needed to get this done.  I use a great little calendar with numbers to trace.  I use the calendar generously provided by Ms. Gonzalez on her class website.  You can find it here.   But what to put on the top?  After much debate between lambs and lions, shamrocks, leprechaun I decided, at the last minute, to have a pot of gold and a rainbow.  I like when kids of any age can be given freedom to be creative on their own, so with just a wee bit of leprechaun story telling  and a sample rainbow I turned them loose.  What wonderful work, focus, and engagement!  I was so excited at what they were creating I did finally find someone who would come in and look (and give extra praise).  Here is a sampling of what we were creating:

They were working so hard...checking to make sure their colors were in the right order.  So fun to watch them come up to my sample and check the colors.  There was the occasional why don't we have indigo?  Some of them are just too smart.

Then I love when they start adding their own touches.  Someone thought two pots of gold would be good.  Others wanted to be sure the leprechaun was guarding his gold.  Others needed some gold in their pots. 

This little guy told  me that, "pots have holes in know that."  (I am assuming that is how you put the stuff in, like the gold).  I guess I did know that....don't you?


  1. This is a great idea and my little friends will love this. I have a sub next week and I think this would be fun for all! Thank you!

  2. They did such a great job! Love the creativity of the rainbows. I'd be a fan of 2 pots of gold too! :)