Saturday, April 20, 2013

Five for Friday...a week i don't think i want to relive

I think perhaps this best way to explain my week is right here in Five for Friday (even though it is now Saturday). 

My week started off great attending the wedding of my niece in my husband's hometown (yes my Pennsylvania mom has lost two girls to Idaho). 

So we went home, saw old friends, and hung out here.

 and here

When all the fun was over I had to come home and do taxes.  Yes, I took an extra day off of school (and I don't do that).  Good thing I did, because our water heater decided to fail....leak...explode...did I say leak?  Yes, in the middle of doing taxes I go downstairs to find about an inch (or more) of water on my basement floor.  Lovely!


Fortunately I have a son that works in town.  He came by, got the leak stopped and then we spent the night replacing the water heater and drying out.  Now I have this waiting for me this weekend.

Tuesday I'm back to littles missed me, but their little barometers are going crazy and I am wishing I was back in the hot pools.

Maybe it  was just my need for this:

Wednesday I started losing my voice and Thursday it was gone.  Mrs. Izatt you sound funny.  (all day long) 

Friday we had State leadership kids come in to our classroom, about 20 of them.  It worked perfectly because I ended up with exactly the same number of big kids as little ones.  I love when I look around the room and EVERYONE is engaged.  They finished their project for the troops fairly quickly, so I took advantage and had them listen to my kinders count to 100, read one of their sight word books, and then the big guys read to my little ones.  My little ones LOVE being read to.  We still had time so we went outside and played, they took pictures of their little buddies, and generally had a wonderful time.  It was a great way to end a crummy (okay...crummy for me) week. 

I came home and my wonderful mister asked what he could do to hlep me feel better:
That mess in the may have to wait for next week.

How did your week go?


  1. Ooh, sorry about the flood! And the cold :(. Hopefully next week will be extra amazing to compensate - or just feel like it by comparison!!

  2. OMG I wish I could give you a serious hug! My daughter had the apartment above her leak into hers and has to move out for 8 weeks. She has to find housing immediately and is so freaked out. The 2 of you need to meet and have coffee. I hope next week looks a whole lot better. Come over to my blog and grab some freebies and I need to send you some fun things to keep your class busy while you recover.

    1. Oh have made my day!! my week!! I am tired and so trying to be upbeat with my kiddos. I would love to meet and have coffee (a trip to CA may have to be on my summer bucket list).