Wednesday, May 1, 2013's May

Where has this year gone??  I can't believe it is already May.  May Day...Mother Goose Day...time for Currently Day!!  I am hooking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this monthly fun.

I love Criminal Minds...but sometimes (often) it creeps me out.  EEWW just had a shining moment!  There's another movie too creepy for me.

I love that I got the first feedback for any of my products just today!  Two feedbacks and they were both positive.  Even though right now I only have freebies in my store, it is still always nice to know someone likes what you have created.

I have two cars...both paid for...both barely run.  My husband is a great fix it up man and he keeps me running.   Even he thinks I should get a new car.  One was given to me (a long funny story).  It isn't supposed to be still running...but it is.  The other we bought used and it has an oil leak somewhere and has started flooding easily, leaving me stranded until it decides to start again (makes it tough to run errands...starting and stopping).  But car payments!!  I don't want them!! 

I have wanted to go to I Teach K since I first heard about the conference..  The amazing ladies that I have been stalking are presenting or hopefully coming.  I honestly don't know if I want to go more because of the amazing things I know I will learn or the amazing people I will meet.  Vegas Baby!!  I want to be there!

I am ready for spring to actually show up!  It did a couple of days last week.  Now I want more time at home to plant and garden and fix things up, and more time at school (without the kids) to clean-up and organize.  Winter, however is back today and I was freezing at recess.  It wasn't freezing, but I was.

What do I want to do this summer??  Spend time with my mom when she comes in June and head to Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah.  We go every year for the preview shows.  This year I want to go early and hike Angels' Landing in Zion's National Park.  Then I want to head back to PA and visit my family there (including of course my mom again...twice in one summer, I would be in heaven).  I miss the east coast.  Maybe I would even get back to Brigantine and the beaches of NJ.

Lastly I want to a find time all my kids and grandkids can be together.  I would love a beautiful picture of my family to hang in my living room.  My daughter is a photographer, but finding the right weekend or occasion could be tricky. 

What are you doing on this first of May?  What do you want to do this summer?  Link up with Farley and have some fun.
      Oh' boy fourth grade


  1. I found you through the Currently linky. We have had a few flashes of warm weather and I want it to stay nice so we can start spending time outdoors!
    Stories by Storie

  2. I wish I had tickets to I Teach K too (+ plane/hotel). I hope you get that beautiful photo this summer! Congrats on your first feedback- it is great to get feedback! I'm a new follower!

    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

  3. Hiking during the summer sounds great! I will trade cold weather with you for a week :)

    JustAnother PBJ Day

  4. I've always wanted to hike and camp but noone ever wants to join me!! LoL

    I'm your newest follower, drop by if you'd like. =)

    Just Wild About Teaching