Sunday, July 14, 2013

To Do....To Do....To Do

It is still the middle of summer...but my brain has not stopped thinking about school.  The ideas are swirling around.  I need to write them down....focus....and start getting things accomplished.

I am writing them here and linking up with Lorraine Vasquez at Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggies.  So here goes:

1.  set up my brand new classroom (I am in a major need of a purge and the timing is perfect, this is HUGE)
2.  organize books and label!  (I have a pretty decent system...but they are now all mixed up and they never were labeled)
3.  organize centers (first I need to decide if I want to do it by skill or by month....or both?)
4.  decide and create notebooks
     Do I want them for:
                *Parent Communication
5.  Back to School Night Gift
6.  Birthday (how will I handle it, what will I be giving students?)
7.  Blogger Meet-Up Surprises
8.  Name Tags (around the neck or get fancy and make capes), also desk tags and cubby tags (oops that should be separate....I need to scrub those cubby labels off).
9.  Clip Chart & clips
10. First Day plans/ First Week (which team building, let's learn the routines and procedure things will I do...which books and how many can I squeeze in?)
11. Bird feeders
12.Vista Print magnets
13. storage tins ~ bling them up for markers, crayons, colored pencils
14. reading boxes

None of this includes stuff I can't do without a class list, or truly last minute.  Things like:
*make my magic playdough
*ask staff to make sneakers for "Pete the Cat" scavenger hunt/tour the school
*sharpen pencils
*make arrangements for help with first day of school pictures (check and make sure my picture frame still looks good)

I know there is more....
There are my tpt goals, and my house goals, and things I am forgetting.   Lots of things I know I am forgetting.  This blog post I believe will be a work in progress.  I am reserving the right to cross things off my list as I finish them....and to add more as I remember.

What is on your list?  Do you like to say at the end of the summer these are the things I accomplished?  I am hoping for a big old list of accomplishments come September (well August...but I am giving myself until September to add them up)

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