Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Can you believe it?  It is October already.  I LOVE autumn, I love October, and I love linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade.
I love NCIS!  I think it is the only show I try to remember to watch every week.  Give me a Tuesday and I am watching.  Due to where I live I can watch it twice (once in the Mountain time zone, 6:00 my time, and once in Pacific time zone, 8:00).  That just means that if I get distracted I can catch up on what I missed.  Is that crazy??

We finally bought me a new car.  My hunk of junk that refused to die, but really didn't work...just had to be put to away.  I resisted for a long time because I didn't want car payments when the old one still ran.  But we bit the bullet and bought a new to me little truck.  I LOVE it!!  To top it off my husband surprised me with custom license plates.
We have been in school just 5 weeks, but my desk is stacked high and I worked so hard at getting it clean.  I need to get back on track and spend time mucking out.  I am still trying to pare down, be more organized, and have less clutter in my life (school and home).

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a little fairy appeared to help me.  I am beginning to think those little shoemaking elves would be more than welcome in my house.

Now for a treat...a Halloween treat.  If you have any of those bat rings hanging around, add a witch cauldron and make a game out of "guessing" how many are in the cauldron.  First count the bats (or whatever little trinket you find on the Halloween isle), then put some in the cauldron.  Students then need to figure out how many are missing.  This freebie will help with keeping track of the numbers.  There is also a math talk card for thinking through the game.

Happy October!


  1. Nice one on the new car. I hear you about piles on desks...mine never seems to get cleared!

  2. That license plate is too cute! Thanks for the fantastic freebie!

    Love to Learn

  3. Awesome new truck! And I'm with you...I love fall AND I need a fairy to come clean in my classroom. Send her my way when she's done at your place!

    The Craft of Teaching

  4. I found your via Currently. Isn't the most annoying thing how teacher desks just seem to accumulate things? I honestly have no idea where half that stuff comes from! Happy Fall!
    Teaching in the Valley

  5. My wanting was almost identical to yours : ) Hoping it comes true!

  6. That license plate is great! Thank you for the freebie. Send that Cleaning Fairy my way when she's done with you!

  7. Love the freebie...looks like a fun game!

  8. This is such a crazy time of year because all the assessments come rolling in. I know about the desk issue. I should take a picture but it is too embarrassing. I never seem to have enough time for these things. I love the new plates on the car. Give the hubs a huge hug for being on top of his game.