Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cyber Monday

Yea!!  It's a sale! 

Are you all shopped out?  I hope not.  I hope you are ready for the best couple of days of the year (okay...that may be overstating things a bit).

I have been dropping things from my wish list into my cart getting ready for the big day.  I have already placed my own store on sale in case you need something for next week. 

I have a brand new emergent reader:  Elf's Adventure.  If you liked Hide Turkey Hide you will like this too.  Elf goes traveling around the North Pole.  He goes above and between, he gets next to and behind things.  It would be a great addition if you have an elf that visits your classroom in December.

I also have two versions of my unit for number subitizing (now there's a big word).  Peas and Carrots is a way to look at numbers and begin to truly understand them.  Students will  practice finding all the ways to make each number.  Can we say...addition and commutative property?  Perfect for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  Even 2nd graders could use this, especially if they are struggling.  There are lots of options in each version so you can make this product your own and use it in a way that best fits your teaching stye.

While you are there check out my free Missing Addend pages.  They are testament to my love of all things seasonal and hands on.  I have a new one to use with jingle bells.
Now I am off to load up my own cart.  Don't forget to leave feedback for tpt credits towards your next purchase (or go back and leave feedback for products you have already downloaded).  Happy Shopping!

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