Sunday, December 1, 2013

An elf is coming!

Do you have an elf coming to your classroom? An elf is coming to mine.  He is scheduled to arrive the Monday after Thanksgiving.

I believe he will be coming via the Arctic Express.  I suspect he will be traveling in something that will insulate him from the cold.

We will invite him to stay with us the whole month of December.  He may need a name and perhaps a spot where he can keep an eye on us.  If we do not behave properly he may need to travel back to the North Pole for a day or two.

Our elf will have many adventures while he is with us.  Many of them we will journal about.  We will read about his adventures at the North Pole here in this emergent reader.

He will find his way into helping us with our math centers.  He will help us play games, eat snacks, create gifts, and do random acts of elf service.

You can pick up the emergent reader in my tpt store or by clicking on any of the pictures above.  What else do I use?  These products from other wonderful bloggers,

 and my own math and literacy pack (it is almost ready).  Here is a freebie from that pack:
Missing Addend recording pages

Stay tuned for the further adventures of our elf by following my facebook page.  We should have daily updates.  Join in the fun and let us know what your elf is doing.

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