Saturday, December 14, 2013

Love for Sandy Hook

It has been nearly a year since that terrible December day.  I remember being so shaken that I was shaking.  I just wanted to gather my kinders and hug them deeply.  I wanted to protect them from the ugly and evil of the world. 

Since we cant take away all the evil, what can we do so that evil doesn't win?   The mayor of Sandy Hook asked for people to do Random Acts of Kindness in memory and in honor of those who gave their lives that day.  We have been doing just that in my classroom. 
Here we are making cards for a local nursing home.  We still have more work to kinders wanted to give the cards to their own grandparents (many who, they say, are in hospitals and nursing homes),  We will be making more on Monday because I couldn't deny them the chance to give away love to people they know.  They were so excited to be creating something to give away.  That's the feelings we want to foster and share.  Love.  Love for each other.  Only love will keep evil from winning.

This weekend, as we remember, let's find ways to show and share the love we feel....for the students we teach, our family and friends, each other.  Let's be a part of making LOVE win.

As educators, we remember and honor our fallen colleagues and their students from Sandy Hook School.  We honor them each day in our classrooms in which we continue their dream of teaching our children.  We honor their memory with our service.  Join with teachers everywhere in committing random acts of kindness to show our love for Sandy Hook

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