Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Goal Setting Time

A New Year means new goals and a new start.  It's time to think about how things are going and what you would like to accomplish in the new year.  It's even more fun to link up with blogging friends and share goals.  I am linking up with A Peach for the Teacher tonight to share my thoughts on what I would like to do in the coming year.
I know...I know....we all want to be better people.  I want to become better by living simply, less clutter in my life, more time outside, less going to the store, more using what I already have.  I often think of nice things I could do for people, but procrastinate the doing.  I want to do more doing good deedsm and less thinking about good deeds.  Does that make sense??

I want to present at conferences.  I have always been good at that when I do it for Girls Scout and Boy Scout leaders.  I would like to do it for other teachers.  I kind-of a lot to say and I would love a chance to say it.

I want to be more professional in the completion of my lesson plans.  I always have them, but I confess to them being simple shorthand notes that really only I can follow.  They often get lost and don't stay in the same place.  I would like to change that (if for no other reason than I could then share them with others).

I have a lot of stuff.  So much that sometimes it is hard to find what I need or I forget I had something and the time to use it has passed.  I need to both get better organized and get rid of some stuff (see goal #1 live simply)

I have a lot of ideas and partially finished products, my goal is to get my store filled with quality products teachers will want to use.  Along with that I would like to blog more.  That means I need to learn to take more pictures.  I know when I read a blog I read the pictures first.  Not having pictures often keeps me from writing.  So....more pictures, more writing.  We do some pretty cool stuff in my classroom.  I love sharing.

For fun??  I thought about wanting to get my craft room cleaned out so I can do more crafts.  Crafts are fun, but cleaning my craft room is not.  So......for now I want to hike Angel's Landing in Zion's National Park again.  I love that place and I haven't hiked it in years.

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  1. Hi, Terri! Avoiding "Hoarders" is always good! lol! Being a better person-- what a simple yet awesome resolution. I'd also love to speak at a conference! I enjoyed reading your resolutions! Thanks for linking up! Happy New Year!