Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently..... it's July!

Summer has arrived!!  School is out!  And I am still waiting for the day when there is nothing on my plate.  But that is okay...right now it is all fun things I have planned, company and grandkids, bloggy meetup and conferences.  Part of me wants the nothing to do feeling, it is summer after all, and the other part of me is so excited for all the things that are going on.

Today it is July first and I am trying to squeeze in some blogging before my mom goes home.  I LOVE linking up with Farley of Oh Boy it's Fourth Grade for her monthly currently.  It is always fun to see what everyone is doing, make a new friend or two, and share what is going on in my little corner of the world.

My mom comes every June to Utah and Nevada from Pennsylvania.  She comes and stays with my sister and me.  We travel around, hang out, go shopping, get spoiled, and go to the Shakespeare festival in Cedar City, Utah. 

My mom is a writer and the bard is one of her favorites.  Her trip is never complete without a visit to the festival.  This year did not disappoint!

Then there is the 4th of July...family, we twist arms ask nicely trying to get everyone to come to see us.  
      Then there are friends, a group of us that always hang out together all day long at the city park (we are on second generations now...little kids of the kids we partied with 20 years ago). We have food, games, water fights, crafts, and did I say food? 

My crazy husband, going for a mohawk look last year.
Yes...there is a camper because we stake out our favorite spot the night before.  You can always find us, because of the historical flags.  My husband is a collector and we put them ALL up for the 4th.
At night we break out enough glow sticks that people think we are vendors.  Little small town Elko does a pretty good job of having a fireworks show.  Fun all day long.

Can't wait to read what you are doing for the 4th! 


  1. First off, I LOVE your blog design. I knew it was a Honey Bunch before I scrolled down to check!!!!!! I have to say I am super excited to find your blog. It looks right up my ally. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Enjoy your last day with your Mom. Sounds like your 4th is going to be a blast!

    My Crazy Life

  3. Sounds like you are super busy, but it's all worthwhile and leaves a smile at the end of the day. I absolutely love the historical flags you put up at the park. Hope you have a Happy 4th! Oh, and I adore the bears and bees on your blog. Too cute!!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching