Saturday, October 3, 2015's OCTOBER!!

Time has gotten away from me.....AGAIN!!!  It is already October (my busiest month in school as I try to squeeze in so much).  I want to link up with Farley and Oh Boy, It's Fourth Grade to reflect on the month past and the month to here goes:

I tend to let the TV be on in the background for white noise when I am home alone.  I need to make more intentional choices, because I would really like some beautiful music today.  I also need to figure out how to play music on my phone.....wait!....okay....DONE!  Downloaded and playing.  I am not as technology challenged as I thought.

My mom lives all the way across the country from me.  She came out for my nephew's wedding in September, but she had broken her hip right before she came.  We convinced her to stay here and let us take care of her for a few weeks of her rehab.  It was WONDERFUL!!

My mom is Patricia Thomas, a children's book author, so she came to my school and did author visits for almost every class in my school.  I think I wore her out.  She needed to go to my sister's house to recoop from me.

I also blog at PreK and K Sharing and today is my day to post!  YIKES!!  Between school and my mom I let the month of September slip away.  But I am on it!!  You can hop over there to check it out (all about Zombie Eyes and Bat Wings....there is a freebie).

I have THAT class this year.  Seriously.  I am not kidding.  It is taking all my energy, and skill, plus all the brains I can borrow to make things run smoothly in my room.  My golden tickets (which I stole from The Teeny Tiny Teacher) were just not cutting it.  Whole Brain Teaching wasn't quite working either....last week I changed my whole setting arrangement (stinkers are together and workers are together).  That helped for about one day.  But, we are making progress.  I actually think it will help my workers the most.  They deserve my best.  I can't let them suffer because I have so many that do not know how to work or behave.  My little stinkers will come around and see the is just taking time.

My mom was telling me last night that she and my sister were decorating my sister's house.  I was jealous and realized I hadn't even thought about getting my Halloween decorations and autumn things out.  Autumn is my favorite season and putting my things out will be Boo-ti-ful!

The colors and being outside just make me happy!  Have a wonderful October!


  1. So wishing to get out my Fall decorations too!
    Have a lovely Currently October !

  2. Oh wow - good luck catching up with all your blog posts! I hate trying to get back into the routine of stuff in the new school year, I have so many blog posts I want to get written and scheduled to take a load off my mind! Can't wait to see pics of when you get your fall decorations out!! I love how everyone decorates for fall in America, I've been loving all the pics on instagram :)

    Teaching Autism

  3. October is a crazy month so much to do! I can proudly say I've put out all my decorations...both of them!! Good luck!