Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Learning the Alphabet ROCKS!

I am so excited that I finally made my alphabet rocks. I've been wanting to do these since I came across Shannon Martin's post from Kindergarten Hoppenings here. I wanted to put her great Chicka Boom Boom freebie and the alphabet rocks I saw on Pinterest together. So I did!!

First I gathered clear stones from Michaels and printed out the letters from Shannon's freebie on cardstock. I also tried to make my own letters using good old comic sans in a word document. I left the printed letters together and painted Mod Podge on each spot. I then stuck the clear stones on top and let them dry. After they were dry I cut them out.
I read that it was a good idea to seal the backs so I flipped them over and painted another coat of Mod Podge onto the backs. More drying time.

Last I used Tacky Glue to attach the round button magnet. One word about that....distance. I looked with pride at the magnets I had just created and discovered that the magnets wanted to be next to each other. They did what magnets should and scooted close because they were still sliding around on the not yet dry tacky glue. Easy fix...slide the magnet back into place and separate them to finish drying.

Voila!! I have two great sets of alphabet magnets to use first with my whole class and later in word work/alphabet centers.

How do you practice the alphabet?
I am thinking of making more consonants to use to make words with the vowels on the coconut tree. What do you think?


  1. Terri, how creative are you? That is such a good idea!!! Thanks for the shout out :0)


  2. Just found your blog and this is sooooooo cute!! I practice the letters through a lot of center activities just like this!!

  3. This looks absolutely perfect. All these tinny details are made with lot of background knowledge. I like it a lot. This was a useful post and I think it is rather easy to see from the other comments as well that this post is well written and useful.
    Pre School India - Little Millennium

  4. LOL, those magnets made it look like eyes! Seriously, I've seen these cute little "rocks" on different projects but they always seemed to be a higher level of difficulty than I wanted to attempt, but you make it look pretty easy. And I even have a bottle of modge podge sitting forgotten and alone in my craft cabinet. Hmmm.....

  5. I have so many magnetic/non-magnetic plastic letters to use up that I would make more. However, I love the coconut tree to go with my new, calm, beachy themed room. I'm thinking I'll spray paint the letters brown to be 'transformed into coconuts' to go on the tree. ITS the tree that got my attention. Want to get a copy of that.
    Thanks for posting. I love teaching kinder.

  6. Can we have a copy of the lower case letter set? Also did you shrink the letters or use the LARGE beads?