Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's all about Plan B

What do you do when what you want to do and create with your Kinders doesn't work out?  Do you just say "Oh Skip It!"  I just won't do that...even though it would be really fun and you could relate it to common core and to the things a Kinder needs to know.  NOPE!!  You go old school and find a way to make it work.

I want my kiddos to make a calendar the first school day of each month.  It helps them understand time (stuff they need to know), write their numbers (common core), and parents get a calendar that looks like their kids are learning and they can hang it on the fridge (good PR...parent relations).

First I can't find a calendar with dotted numbers for this year.  The one I used last year was WONDERFUL!  It was from Mrs. Solis' website.  I loved it!  It was already created for me and I just printed it off each month.  She didn't have one with the dotted numbers for 2012-2013. {sigh}.  I am not smart enough to make my own digitally, soooo I went the cut and paste route.  Yup...I printed a blank calendar and one with numbers, cut out each number, glued it to the blank, did the same for the year.  Copied it, then used a ruler to re-line any I covered up and tried to pull it together and look like I might have made it on my computer (which I just got back from my friend who fixes these things when they get sick...different story).

Voila.....Looks pretty good.

Next, I want to glue it on a large blue piece of paper so we can put a picture on top.  Check.   No problem there.

The picture I want to put on top is a school and bus.  We have the die cuts, so it should be a piece of cake.  Wrong....can't find the school.  I could have sworn we had a school.  Bus....yes,

What can I do?  At this point I am committed, so it is back to plan B.  Let's make a school from a square and a triangle.  Yay!  Even better, more common I can talk about squares and triangles.  But can you tell it's a school?  I found some flag stickers, so we practiced drawing a nice straight line starting at the top.  Each little red schoolhouse has a flagpole and a flag sticker.

I think they turned out pretty cute!  Even better than what I wanted to do first.  Plan B is often like that.



  1. You might find what you were looking for on this site.
    Click on calendar and then click on calendar binders. She keeps her files updated every year and everything is free.
    Hope this helps.

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