Saturday, August 25, 2012

Must Have Monday

It's back to school week for me.  Back to having to get down to business...not just playing around.  I am linking up with Must Have Monday over at Blog Hopper...even though it is Tuesday Friday.  I was out of town, on vacation, at a wedding, last fling before I spend the next week living at school.  Forgive me for coming to the party a little late (the story of my life).   We have now even had Back to School Night....yes I know school has not started.  I told my parents my room is a work in progress (I will post pictures when I am finished with it).  I hope they don't pull their kids from my class.  I made these cute pencils for my students (I thought I should bribe them come back on Monday).

My first must have is a new complete set of markers.  I don't know if school can start without new markers.

and new crayons.

and colorful whiteboard markers...even though I really don't like to write white boards that much (my handwriting stinks on them), I like colors. 

My classroom doesn't seem to function without my paper cutter.  Unfortunately I cannot find the cutter strip and I have been looking for a replacement.  I bought this one last year, but I still miss the one I bought with budget money the very first year I went to work in Elko.  I admit I have it tucked away...hoping I can find where to get the right cutting strips.

I also must have this long stapler....mostly because whenever the voice would come over the inter-column to ask where is the one that belongs in the teacher's workroom, it would be in my room.  I got tired of having to admit that I took it to my room and forgot to return it.  So, I bought my own.

 I do not have a green thumb and my husband says I like to  make my plants suffer a long and painful death, I like to start the year with a flower or two.  I think I will be taking these in to my classroom.

Then I need
to keep me going.

It wouldn't be the first day of school without something new to wear.  I try to wear a dress the first week of school.  Even in Kindergarten I want to look like a "professional" those first few days.  I wore my first day dress for Back to School Night (but I forgot to take a picture).  Hopefully wearing the same dress will help my kinders find me on Monday.

Off to take my grandkids to see a local production of Cinderella...then back to school tomorrow to hopefully finish up and spend a relaxing Sunday getting my brain ready for the sweet little ones I met Thursday night.

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