Friday, February 1, 2013

Buckaroo Breakfast

Oh my gosh....we have been having so much fun!!  The Italian cowboys were stinkin' cute (or so I have been told, my kinder team got some extra PLC time and we all had substitutes that took them).  :(

That was Tuesday.  Wednesday we had another cowboy come in and sing.  Yippee!!  Today we ate breakfast with our reading buddies.  A Buckaroo Breakfast.  I think I like doing that just so I can say those two words together.  Kind-of like hootenanny and malarkey.  It is just fun to say.  The eating wasn't bad either.

I whipped up some pancakes (I don't like how they taste from a box, so from scratch it is).  Then add juice and sausage and you have a Buckaroo Breakfast.  Pancakes can be a little slow, so a match the brand to the ranch page and other brain teasers and coloring pages to work on with their buddies while my cohort and I cook.  Tomorrow they are helping us make picture frames for the cowboy picture my daughter is coming in to take, and they are reading us a "paper book" from Reading A-Z.  We copied off enough that everyone will get to take the book home.

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  1. What a yummy breakfast! Don't forget to invite this cowboy next time. hehe