Saturday, June 15, 2013

Five for Friday...School's out!!

My Five for Friday post is actually a week late....This is what we did LAST week.

Monday, we let our Butterflies go.  They have been living in this outdoor screened tent for about two weeks (actually a week and a half, but over two weekends).  We have been coming to visit and play with them almost every day.

Tuesday, we walked to the park, had lunch, and played....just played.  We didn't ride the bus, insert Kindergarten sad face, we waked maybe three blocks.

Wednesday, was perhaps the best day of the week.  We created, with the help of our parents, our own field day.  We blew bubbles, had bouncy horse races, fished for rubber ducks, crawled an obstacle course, Threw pool noodle spears, learned to use tin can stilts, had sack races, threw a little frisbee golf....what did I miss....oh yeah spoon races and parachutes.

Thursday, we had our music program (sorry no pictures) and made cute watermelon books (also sorry no pics...but imagine cheap paper plates, colored green, folded in half, with red circles covered with seeds to color in for the cover and round red pages inside for writing down the books read all summer long) with our Reading Buddies. I promised both my students and their buddies a prize if the book is filled in when they come back to school!   
Thursday night good friends helped with the final prep of Hope King's cute cute cute Memory books made from paper bags.

I also put the finishing touches on these wonderful little recreations of my Kinder Team.  The Library Fox made these for me from a picture I sent her.  Aren't they cute!  And they look just like us!  I have the GREATest team.

Friday, was our last day...the time to say good-by.  I had their Brag Bags started and we continued to fill them as we looked over the pages we did the first week of school.  How they laughed at the way they drew themselves and wrote their name!

Then it was crazy packing...
I am moving across the hall to get this view! 

But first I had to do this....

And now summer is on!!!!

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