Saturday, June 29, 2013

I am lovin' me some Bloglovin'....finally

As you have been reading....Google Reader is going away July 1st.  July 1st!  That is Monday.

I feel like everyone is preparing like it is the turn of the century when all of our bank accounts were supposed to disappear and the world as we knew it was supposed to come to an end on January 1, 2000.    My bank account is still as empty as before, and the world is still here....but just in case I want to be prepared.

Bloglovin' seems to be the way many are going and it is easy to sign up.  Click, click, click and you are done.  Be Prepared....sign up, transfer the blogs you already follow (maybe find a new one or two), and July 1st will not become the apocalypse of the blogging world.

Thanks to Megan at I teach.  What's your super power?  I have the little widget installed and you can easily follow me. Just click on the button on the right sidebar.  I will be prepared, you will be prepared, and all will be right with the world.
Still need more help (I did).  Head over to to Megan's blog and she has several good posts explaining how it all works, like this one here.  You do not want to be caught with No Lovin'

Now go out and get you some bloglovin'

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