Saturday, August 3, 2013

Currently it's August....Yikes!

WHAT!!!!  It's August!!!  Where is my summer?  I know I can hear the crickets every evening when I go to bed, their chirping only sad because it reminds me summer is coming to a close.  On the bright side it is time for Farley in Oh Boy Fourth Grade's link up for here goes.
First, the house that is so quiet is not mine.  I am waking up in my daughter's house in Utah and she, her sweet, just turned 2 yesterday, daughter, and my husband are all sleeping, so I am sneaking on to my computer to tell you about everything.  I love Currently!

Not only do we have a birthday party this weekend, my husband and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary.  Yes your math is correct...1978.  That was a big year for me, graduated from college, got married, started teaching.  Love that my journey has included this wonderful man.  He is, dare I say, awesome!  I just love hanging out with him every day.

Yesterday was the Utah Blogger Meet-Up.  I may live in Nevada...but driving 240 miles to Utah is no big deal.  We do it all the time (since we are in the middle of nowhere and must get somewhere to get most everything).  Coming to Utah for this meet-up was a big deal for me.  I have been chatting and blog stalking some of these ladies for years (some didn't know it but they were some of the first blogs I started following two years ago).  To meet them in real life was as awesome as I had imagined.  They were all just as sweet as you would think from reading their blogs.  There were new friends to meet too.  Just all around good fun.  I was honored to be invited.

Do you recognize Natalie and Rachelle from What a Teacher Wants, Nikki from Melonheadz, Lindsey from The Teacher Wife, Krystal from The Good Enough Teacher, Melissa from Dilly Dabbles.  Lots of new friends too.

Do I have to say anything about this?  Summer is never long enough!  I have been having lots of little adventure days with grandkids and I have gotten to do something with all of them...even if it wasn't all at the same time.  I even had a chance to have a "Grandma Camp".  Fun, Fun, Fun...and I am not ready to give all that up.

BUT....this is waiting

and many other things on my to do list.  August will have to be all about getting projects done and my classroom ready.

What do I need for back to school?  It doesn't seem like the year can start without a new set of markers.  My favorite are Sharpies in all colors, thick and thin.  I also love Sharpie highlighters for drawing smiley faces on kiddos papers.  I gotta have a new set (just like opening a new box of crayons).  Then there is always what do I wear the first day?  I am not sure it will be new...but I do spend a lot of time picking it out.  In Kindergarten someone told me to wear the same thing to meet the teacher day as you will on the forst day of school.  That way the students recognize you.  I thought that was a great I did.  Yup, it does help some students find you again on that very busy and crowded first day.

Back to School sales....I shop the heck out of them.  Am I the only one that buys supplies for my students?  I think not...but I buy for the whole year right now.  Need new crayons at Christmas?  Buy them now (they will never be .25 or .50 again until next August).  I also get TONS of 3 prong folders, dry erase markers, glue sticks, notebooks, and things for my parent communication binders.  Limits??  I bring my grandkids with me (it's nice to have a posse), or just go back through the line again and again. is starting to get noisy.  I am off on an adventure!


  1. Your blog is so cute! You are right..there never is enough time to get everything done..however we all seem to do it. right?
    Enjoy your last days of summer.


    1. Enjoy...that is a goal. That and getting a ton of stuff done.

  2. Super cute blog - love the idea of wearing the same outfit!! I may have to steal that idea!! Of course, I need the new outfit first.

    1. of the best parts of Back to School. :)

  3. It was great to meet you yesterday at the Utah Blogger Meet Up. My hubby and I just celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary! We msut be around the same age:)Your blog is so cute! I'm your newest follower.

    1. You are was so fun to meet you. I am looking forward to getting to know you better and all those new friends we made.