Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Let's talk about me...It makes me cringe to say those words.  I love meeting new friends and I do love telling stories, but I hate assuming that anyone is actually interested and I hate thinking I am forcing myself on anyone.  Soooo if you are not really all that interested, scroll through the pictures and hop on back to the next blog.  Before you leave....leave me a little note (even if it is to say quite talking about yourself).

So here's my story:
One.... I come from a long line of teachers.  I just have to share this picture of my grandmother standing beside her car (yes a model T) before going off for her first day teaching.  I keep it in my room as a reminder of what kind of teacher I want to be.  My Grandmother is one of my heroes.

Two.... I started out in Philadelphia....a long time ago. 

Three... I grew up in New Jersey.  This is picture is when we moved from Philly down to the shore.  I loved this house.  There is me and these are my brothers and sister. 

I had a great childhood!  Mostly because of my parents.  But also because I grew up on the beach, went to my grandparents farm for 2 weeks each summer, took car camping trips cross country each summer as well.  I can not thank my parents enough. 

Four... My mom is an author and I gained a love of children's books from her.  She wrote Stand Back Said the Elephant I'm Going to Sneeze.  It is 40 years old and still in print!  She has a new one  coming out in time for Christmas.  Here she is on a rare winter visit (I snagged her to come read to my kinders).

Five... I left the beaches of south Jersey and traded them in for the mountains of Utah.  I went to school at Brigham Young University, There I met an Idaho ranch boy and he became my best friend.  Yup...he dated all my roommates first (I set him up with the first one, that's how we met).  We were married 35 years ago and we are still going strong.

Six.... We lived for awhile ranching in Idaho, but when times got tough...I kept teaching and David took work with a construction/contracting company.  They sent him all around the west and we would travel around with him a bit in the summer.  In the winter I held down the fort...but that got old quick.  Soon he was staying in Elko, Nevada and the goldmines were keeping him busy.  We decided to move with him....for a year or two.  My baby was 18 months old at the time.  She is now 25 and we are still here.

Seven.... Scouting is a big part of our lives, both Boy and Girl Scouts,  One of my proudest accomplishments is that I helped to lead and guide my four children.  The boys are both Eagle Scouts and my girls earned their Gold Awards.

Eight.... I hate having to make phone calls.  I am not sure why...but from the looks of these pictures that was not always the case.

Nine.... I love everything to do with the outdoors.  I like camping, hiking, swimming, just being outside.
David and I hiked Angel's Landing to celebrate my losing 70 pounds.
Ten.... My sister also moved west and she has been both a rock and an anchor keeping me from getting too homesick.

Ten plus one.....I have reached that age where all my children are married and having children of their own.  The numbers add up like this...I have four children, they are each married, so four spouses, and the grandchildren number 10,  When we get together there are 20 of us.  It is getting harder and harder to get everyone together...but we stand for a picture whenever we can.

One last thing....my faith.  I am a Mormon.  I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My belief in God  and my love for my Savior guides, directs, and keeps me grounded in what is truly important.  Nikki over at Melonheadz has made a sign that I hang by my computer to remind me how important it is to care for these little precious souls. (She has a bunch more I keep tucked around, you should go visit her.)
Teacher Week is just beginning....come back for more.  Hop around and get to know all your favorite friends and some new ones too.


  1. Oh my goodness! I got the book Stand Back, said the Elephant when I was young and i actually just found it in my classroom last weekend, lol!
    Teachin' First

    1. I always love hearing about people who have or have connections with my mom's book.

  2. This was fun to read; I love the pictures!!

  3. This was such a fun read! Love, love, love the pictures, too!!!