Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday....Cowboy Style

It has been a crazy fun-filled week!  I wanted to share some of our fun by linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and Five for Friday

The last week of January is always Cowboy Poetry Festival time (you can check it out here).
Hollywood cowboys mix with the real ones.  There is music, poems, stories, art, and some of the most beautifully crafted cowboy gear, along with workshops for those who want to hone their skills.  I am rocking my cowboy self with a shirt made for my grandmother and a belt my husband bought me 35 years and 4 kids ago. 

Wednesday we had some wonderful moms come in and help us have a Buckaroo Breakfast with our second grade reading buddies.  They were lining up for seconds (I like to think it is because I make a killer pancake, but really, kids this age would eat a pile even if they were hard and dry).

We went back to our buddies in the afternoon and they helped us write poems.  They turned out so awesome!!  Here is one of my favorites:
I am a cowgirl.
Hear the wind blowing.
See the horses run.
Feel the bumpy road.
Smell the burning hair.
Touch the horse.

Thursday I gave each student a copy of my little book What's Under Your Hat?  I confess to being pretty proud of how it turned out!!  I don't have the black and white graphics everyone got a color copy to take home. (you can find it in my store, here)
Friday...What can I say?  Switch Around Day!  In my room we made these cute cute cute horses.

Next door they were painting sunsets.

Then they moved on and listened to and drew the story of Pecos Bill (sorry no pictures, but this was a favorite.  They loved learning how to draw a cowboy.  They just tucked their pictures away before I could snag one to take a picture).
After the story of Pecos Bill they needed some cactus....these were next.  Every cowboy needs a good pair of boots.  How fun are these?
Getting ready for the glitter and sequence.
We ended the day visiting each classroom reciting the poem we have been practicing:
Come on in my room anytime and have some fun, learn something new, make another friend.

Happy Trails to you...until we meet again!

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