Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

This week is our annual book fair/ice cream social/3rd and 4th grade music program.  Every year they do a door decorating contest.

I did not win. 

Here are the doors that did:
My favorite!

I did this two years ago...LOVE it!  Love the butterflies!

This is a new book to me....I bought it at the book fair.

Love how the personalities come through.

Every 4th grader should read this book...just so they can say snot in class.  :)

A Classic

My second favorite....simple, yet striking.
I think all the doors were awesome and well deserved of their prizes.   But that whale from The Grouchy Ladybug...wish I had thought of that!  (maybe I shouldn't have loaned her my book, hehe)

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