Saturday, May 17, 2014

Have a Field Day!!!

Do you want to organize a Field Day for your class?  your grade level??  your school???
Here is a BRIGHT IDEA how to do just that.

I am linking up with more than 130 fantastic bloggers to share with you some bright ideas.  Here is my idea for how to organize a fun field day for your students.

Decide:  Who....When....Where
Those decisions will affect everything else.

This year we are having a school-wide field day at the high school track...But our principal is keeping a lid on that (as of right now it is a surprise to the staff, we are just crowd control guests).

BUT......Kindergarten wants to have a grade level field day just because it was so much fun last year.
As a team we went with last year's formula (it worked)
     *grade level (all of Kindergarten)
     *outdoor ed area (lots of grass, some shade, away from others, limited blacktop)
     *last Wednesday of the year, after lunch (early out day, limited time, don't care if kids get wet)

Step 2
Brainstorm ideas for stations and/or activities
Remember to check your resources.

Look at the equipment you and your teammates already have.  Check with parents too.  I get my rubber duckies every year from the same parent, who just happens to have a big bag full for her grandkids (we pick them up when we walk past her house on the way to the park....she has already asked me if I need them again this year).

Pool, Rubber Duckies, butterfly nets from the dollar store

Tin can stilts, our Reading Resource teacher made them for a Dr. Seuss party (The King's Stilts)
I have a portable Frisbee golf target at home that I bring.

We look at what we can borrow from the preschool.
shape obstacles and notice the water table in the background

We look at what our P.E. teacher will let us use.
Parachute and balls
sacks for sack races

We of course check Pinterest.
Found this idea on Pinterest....BUT the pool noodles were tough to form into a circle and duck tape that way.  Then I realized I was working too hard, when I had hula hoops right there.  I taped them together and tied them between to trees.  Much easier!!  Pool noodles make GREAT javelins!

Step 3
Round up your help and your supplies.
Moms, friends, special teachers who don't have class that last week, high school students, college students home from school but not yet working their summer job.

We try to have one person in charge of each station so we can wander between stations keeping an eye on the big picture.  That also gives us a chance to play with our students, run races, and shoot them with water guns.
Step 4
Map it Out
Whether you do it formally with graph paper or just a rough drawing with notes, think about where to place each activity.  Place the ones that have specific needs first, then consider the traffic patterns and space concerns.

Our students get to move freely between stations.  Most have parents running each activity.  The javelin throw needs the two trees for the target.   The water activities (rubber duckies, bubbles, and water table) are down by the spigot.  The races (bouncy horses, stilts, sacks) are along the sides where it is easier to "see" a straight line.  The parachute and obstacle course both need open spaces.  The obstacle course is in the middle of things because we didn't think it would get as much use off by itself.  It is also self monitoring (so in the middle means lots of eyes keeping behaviors in check)
Don't forget your water gun!

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Now I am so excited to check out more Great and BRIGHT Ideas.  Browse through the link up below to check out more than 130 ideas from different bloggers.  Look for a topic that interests you or a grade level to explore.  Thanks for visiting!!

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