Friday, August 1, 2014

Let's have some FUN!

Teaching is fun...Let's face it, if it wasn't fun I think we would all do something else.  I am linking up today with Sally from Elementary Matters to share with you a fun story and some fun things I use in my classroom.

First, my story....I teach Kindergarten, so there are a lot of stories to pick from.  The one that has been on my mind and in my heart is a little guy who had to move last year when his dad's back (from old injuries) required specialized treatment.

This little guy was not quite ready for Kindergarten.  How do I know that?  He would often dive and roll onto the carpet and use his spiderman hands (complete with noise) to "shoot" spiderwebs into the air.  He had a wonderful imagination and lived by himself in that imaginary world quite often during the day.  One day he was peeking out from behind my puppet stage with his finger guns at the ready (picture James Bond).  When asked why he wasn't at his seat working his response, as matter of fact as could be, was, "I have bad guys to kill".  You cannot argue with that, except to say you will have to kill them later....right now you need to work on this.

Love that boy!  Miss him and wonder how his ex-army dad is doing.

Every year I start the year with this fun activity....Friendship Salad.
We make a "salad" using all kinds of fruit that I relate to different character traits I want to emphasize.  Then I try to stick in a rotten banana.  I love to hear my students yell NO!!!  We then, of course, describe those rotten banana behaviors.  The activity brings us together and gives us a common experience to refer to throughout the year.

You can purchase Friendship Salad story and activity on TpT (and they are having a sale Aug.4-5).

One more fun thing.....
Look at this little cowboy!  

We have the National Cowboy Poetry Festival in my town the last week of January.  When I put this little guy together with Melonheadz Illustrating's graphics I just had to write a story.  This is his story:  What is Under Your Hat?

His little smile reminds me of my dive and roll guy.  Love them both!  He is also available at my TpT store and he is on sale too.

Still Looking for some fun??  Head over to my facebook page and pick up my free get to know you game there.  Just like my page and look for the button that says Fan Freebie

Have some fun with your teaching this year!!

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  1. Aw, I loved hearing about the little Spiderman guy! Your Friendship Salad sounds amazing! (I've already got it pinned for the first week!)

    Sally from Elementary Matters