Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School with a BRIGHT IDEA!

It's that time of the month again...... Bright Idea time!!

I so look forward to this, because I can find so many great ideas from so many of the BEST bloggers.

I have an idea this month that solved a problem in our computer lab and made my year run smoother.

Here was my problem.....the headphones were always in various states of disrepair.  We do not have a dedicated computer lab person, so each teacher is responsible for helping to take care of things and making it work for their own classroom.  It seemed that you never knew which headphones were working and which were broken or about to fall apart.  Even when we bought new ones, it didn't take long until there were many that were not working.  It was a hot mess.

Problem number two....students could not remember their usernames and passwords (and neither could I).  It seemed that the weeks I forgot to bring my printed off cheat sheet were the weeks that that nearly every student forgot their username.  It was a huge pain to find it....and it was all time not on task for them while I worked my way through the maze of clicks and passwords to get the information.

Here is what I did....I spent a little money at the dollar store and gathered these supplies.

Now I know that each of my students have headphones (I tell them if they break them they will have to replace them).  I know they have their username and password with them. 

When we go to the computer lab they have no excuse to get right on task.

Headphones....25 for $25
Ziplock baggies....$4.50
3x5 cards..... $.25
Peace of Mind....priceless

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  1. Great idea Terri! I will have to try that this year! I typically will have passwords on an index card too - but they always are getting misplaced.. even when you tell them to keep them in their special secret spot. :) I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea! This always grosses me out... the sharing of headphones. And ours have microphones too so they are like so germ infested!!! And kinders put them in their mouths and YUCK!

    Jennifer from
    Simply Kinder

  3. I absolutely love this! Our headphones are yucky, and never work. I love keeping them in the container, in a ziplock with their log ins! Simply brilliant!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

    1. One of the best things....I don't have to worry about what the rest of the school is doing (I just smile when they complain at faculty meetings), my kids always have headphones. And they last a surprisingly long time. I have some I am still using from four and five years ago.

  4. Oh I totally related to this post. Peace of mind . . . priceless. Thanks for sharing your management tips!

  5. One of my ECSE friends does the same thing with headphones, but she ordered hers from a website and the headphones were priced around 2 for $1. I will ask her again for the website- seems I wrote it down on one of those safe places. It's so much easier for the kids, plus gives them a sense of responsibility and independence when they have their own supplies to take care of.