Monday, March 30, 2015

A little bit of Easter fun!

Easter is coming, but before we left on spring break, we made these fun baskets.

I found them on Pinterest and the pin led me to FAB DIY:
They were super easy to make and every time those cotton balls and googly eyes went on they took on a personality all their own.

They really were easy!  We filled them with grass and of course...Peeps!
Then I had tons of fun making these!! 
True confessions....I did not make these in my Kinder classroom, I did not make these in my Second Grade classroom, I made these with my grandchildren ages 3, 7, and 8.  Plus one for the baby.  My good friend makes these in 4th grade and asked that I NOT  make them with my students, but she gave me her recipe and let me borrow her molds if I promised to let them stay as a 4th grade project.  They were super easy....much easier than I expected.  They can be messy if you are trying them with a classroom of younger students.  Be prepared for sugar spills. 
I thought I would need more water or glue or spray in the molds, or something more than 2 cups of sugar and 2 teaspoons of water.  But all worked perfectly.  Add the water and the food coloring (go darker, because the color will fade as it dries), mix together with the tips of your fingers (not your whole hand like my one grandson).  Press into the mold, coming to the top and leaving a large dent in the center.  Let dry 24 hours, wiggle free.
Carve a hole in the end or the side (I did this over the sink for easy clean-up).  Add creatures and grass (green coconut might be better, but we didn't have any).  "Glue" together with frosting.  Use decorating tips for fancy frosting designs and other small add-ons for decorations.   Ta-Da!!

From my house to yours...Happy Easter!

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