Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Clean-Up

Spring Break is almost here....I am getting my to-do list ready.  It is already longer than the time I have. 

First on the list is to get my grades done....then I can enjoy the rest of my time.

When I need a brain break from grades I am going to go back through my purchases on TpT and make sure I have left feedback.  I have some that are two years old.  I having been using the product all this time never letting the creator know what a great item they have and how much I loved it!!  I was so surprised to find the flashing light saying leave feedback.  WHAT??  I never left the feedback?  Goodness, I have been missing out on all those credits.  Plus, it's kind-of rude.

Then I hope to pick up some of the items that have been on my wish list for awhile.  And maybe even erase a few that I might not need (as I sheepishly look around to make sure no one hears me say that).  My wish list is 486 items long.  ummm....I better spend some time cleaning it up.
To start things off right, I am having a sale!  20% off everything in my store.  My friends are having a sale too.  Look at all the amazing bloggers that are spring cleaning this weekend.  Thanks to Georgia Grown Kiddos for hosting this link up and Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Designs for the cute blog button. Have a little fun!  Save a little money! 

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