Friday, March 7, 2014

Read in your pajamas!

I love reading!  I especially love reading picture books.  I can take that one step further and say that if the books have rhythm and rhyme, I love them even more.  I blame that on my mother.

My mom is an author....a children's book author.  I have talked her into guest blogging sometime in the near future.  She wrote Stand Back Said the Elephant I'm Going to Sneeze, Nature's Paintbox, and her latest is Mouse's Cookie.  My wonderful mom is Patricia Thomas.

Today was read in your pajamas day.  We opened our doors and the kids sat in the hall reading.  Siblings found each other and read.   Second graders read with kinders.  A class of third graders came down the hall and spread out.  They had 3 or 4 little ones around them.  They read with friends, they read with teachers, they read by themselves. 

Before we started I gathered up all my Dr. Seuss books and put them in tubs.  I surprised myself when I realized I had 11 tubs of books.  I love having multible copies of books.  I like when students can read together and have the  same book.  I like when they talk about a book that they booth have read on their own.  I never turn down a book.  You might ask, where do I get them all?  Mostly thrift stores and garage sales.  My husband is always on the lookout for me.

I also get books and "buddies" at Kohls.  I LOVE getting their characters and books. My closest Kohls is more than three hours away, but every time I get to the "big city" I check to see what books they have.  My classroom library has grown greatly.

I have come to realize another of my most favorite things is taking pictures of kids reading. 

Today was such a success.  It was a chance for everyone to be reminded how fun reading can be.

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