Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I need to buy stock in cheap white paper plates.  I use them ALL. the. time.  Not fancy ones....the cheap ones that stick together and you have to be careful or you use two at once.

I use them to make snowmen.  Here are some of the snowmen we just made!  Aren't they CUTE!!!!

I use them to make seasons spinners.  I think I forgot to blog about them when we made them last fall.  But I still have a couple in the classroom (long story but the kiddos wanted me to hang them up in the room)

I use them for peas and carrots.  Do you do peas and carrots when composing and decomposing numbers?  I've been doing peas and carrots with each number as I introduce it.  I even made a bunch of recording sheets to go along with my lessons.   You'll be able to find them in my brand new store soon.

I used cheap white paper plates for Zero the Hero masks.  My kiddos made these masks today for the 90th day.  I saw the picture of the ones Crystal from Kreative in Kinder made and I just knew we needed to make them too.  You can see her picture here.  They were our special 90th day project.  When we counted, the students raised them high for every 10th number.  I wish I had a video camera. Just made me smile every time those empty eyes were raised toward the sky.

Do you use cheap white paper plates as much as I do?  What do you do with them....either size?


  1. Great ideas! I think I will borrow the glasses, I am thinking Monday is our 100th day maybe I will add a 1 to make 100 glasses/frames!

  2. These are SUPER cute! Do you have a template for the glasses? Thanks!