Thursday, January 3, 2013


It is still vacation and there is still time to party!!  This is my favorite party.  I am linking up with the always wonderful Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her fabulous Currently.

It is still Christmas at my house.  I think I like the Finnish tradition of waiting until the 13th to take down your tree.  It has an official name that I can never remember.

I love sitting in the quiet of the evening with just tree lights.  On Christmas Eve we light a bayberry candle (an old New England tradition), light all my various oil lamps, sing carols and read the Christmas story from the bible. 

I have been reflecting these past few days and setting some goals too.  My faith is strong and that helps me get through tough times.  I'm not sure I deserve it...but isn't that what is wonderful about having  faith?  I am truly blessed.  Mostly with a wonderful family and fantastic friends. I have met some new friends this year and reconnected with some old ones.  My family is for the most part healthy and doing well.  They all live sort-of close and we get together often.  So far we have been able to get all of us together a couple of times each year (that may get tougher as the grandkids get older).  I've shared this picture before...but it is my current favorite.

I love creating things...I get it planned out in my head, sometimes on scratch paper, and then go to powerpoint to start making the magic happen.  There are beautiful graphics out there...but often not exactly what I am looking for.  Can I just say that it was easier when I used to steal pictures for my own classroom things by printing them and cutting and gluing them to my worksheets.  I was very good at trimming pictures and taping so the outlines didn't show.  Rest assured my ethics are stronger and I promise I don't steal pictures any more.  But my digital skills need work.

I have a serious clutter problem.  I confess to liking being the teacher everyone comes to, to find a book (sometimes before they check the library) or supplies, but I don't like how cluttered my room always looks.  I need to pair down, stop keeping all the 2nd and 3rd grade stuff (I really want to stay in Kindergarten), make my stuff fit my room (or okay...find a room at home to help me out).  In one word:


That is going to be motto.  When I am cleaning....going through my things...I want to remember less is more.  Having less stuff will give me more time to spend with my family.  Having less in my classroom will help me find the things I really want do with and for my kiddos (so often I run across something I either forgot I had or just couldn't find when I really needed it).

So here's to a SIMPLY Wonderful New Year!


  1. I love your OLW, Simplify!
    It is something I really want to focus on this semester as well, both in my classroom/lesson plans and in my personal life.

  2. I also like your word Simplify. Simplifying in my classroom and in my house.

    -Lovely Nina

  3. Hi Terri!
    Thank you for stopping by Coffee Cups and visiting me!
    I love the word Simplify.. it's a great reflection word!
    I'd love the accountabilty with the running.. I think any excercise is great, I wish I could swim well!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans